Saturday, July 2, 2016

Five Tips to Jump Start Your Writing this July 4th Weekend

You have been thinking about starting that short story or book but just can't seem to make it happen. Here are 10 tips that can get you going:

1. Keep paper and pen with you at all times. I find a small bound journal works well. Moleskin makes all sizes but there are many other types that you might like.

2. Jot down ideas when they come to you. Maybe you like the notebook feature if your cell phone has one.  I prefer paper and ink but use whatever works best for you.

3. Write each day. Write about a funny thing that happened to you or someone else. Write about the crazy story you heard about the bridesmaid who didn't have her dress two weeks before the wedding and asked the bride if she knew anyone she could borrow one from. Really!? Yep true story. Some things you just can't make up.

4. Write at the same time each day.  Studies show that doing the same thing at the same time each day creates a routine for your mind and body and makes the habit stick. (Routine also makes bad habits harder to break so be careful!)

5. Write at least 100 words each day and better yet, write 750 words!
Do you want to tell a story about your family? what were the outstanding characteristics that immediately pop into your head when you think of Uncle Denny? or Aunt Lucy?
Write it down. Describe don't tell. Paint a picture with words.

Remember the toughest thing to do is to get started. So write that very first word and that very first sentence! Make it a habit. You might even like it better than a cup of coffee!

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