Thursday, January 21, 2016

Storytelling: What Makes a Lion a Lion?

Saturday I attended a performance of " The Lion" at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven. It was a written and performed by Benjamin Scheuer in which he told the story of his life by song. Mr. Scheuer's performance was stunning and he received two standing ovations! I will provide a link to the show at the end of this post.

Several things touched me about his presentation. He was so open and candid sharing extremely intimate details of his life. He sang with such passion.

It was storytelling at its best. It had a beginning, middle and end. As an audience member one could not help but ask yourself, "what next?" Because Mr. Scheuer was so passionate, and his story so engaging, the audience became invested in the outcome of the story.

The Lion is on stage through February 7th.

Link to the  Long Wharf Theater

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