Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mold Under the Covers

I am have located a collection of letters written by G.W. Clayton from the 1940’s. I marvel at the way he was able to turn a phrase. Was he unique in this ability or did a majority of adults write properly constructed sentences back then? I struggle with this question.

I feel certain he knew more about proper grammar than I do. I love to write but often I make several revisions before I feel comfortable with the final draft.

This past Sunday I pulled an old photo album from the closet at the base of the stairs. I was searching for a photo of my grandmother (Frances). When I saw that the edges of the album were laced by mold I grabbed the wet-chlorine-wipes and mopped off the top, sides and back. Then I pulled the others out and wiped them off too. Perhaps this was not the best approach but I hope it kills the mold.

These albums were stored in my mother’s farm house in a bookcase behind the living room door. There was no air-conditioning or air-filtration system of any type there. As a result I think the mold spores were deposited on the albums there and when the humidity in my basement stairwell rose to a certain level this summer it bloomed. Perhaps a new storage location would be best.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you think I should remove the photos from the old black-page albums and place them in something else?

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