Monday, November 10, 2014

Presentation at the Indiana University Alumni Fall Conference October 1959

These are a few excerpts from the speech Dr. Grover W. Clayton delivered  to the I. U. Dentistry Alumni Fall Conference, October 3-4, 1959 in Bloomington, Indiana.

"We don't know how to eat nor do we know what to eat. Most of us eat what tastes good and that is usually the wrong thing for us to eat."

"Dr. Boyd S. Gardener of the Mayo Clinic made a tour of Europe recently, and states that he saw more teeth extracted in the British Isles than in any other country."

"Why did he find this condition? Because for generations they have been eating the wrong kind of food. Too much soft food; too much canned food, all of which has been lacking in vitamins."

"It was never intended that man should depend upon the grocery store and the bake shop for all that he eats. With the type of food we eat and our way of preparing it, the most of us could get along very nicely with a spoon and a straw."

"White flour has most of the food taken out of it. Crack some wheat in an old fashioned coffee mill and cook it for breakfast cereal. Nothing is as good for you, and nothing is as cheap. Oatmeal is not a good cereal. It lacks some of the elements the body needs. Put a rat in a cage and feed it nothing but oatmeal and water and its teeth will decay. Eat tomatoes or oranges everyt day and all the raw fruit you can get. Eat lots of raw cabbage and other raw vegetables. About 5 ounces of meat per day. Not all port. Eat fish often."

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